How to build a recession proof online business that will pay you consistently.

Dear online entrepreneur:

We are Omar Martin and John Thornhill.

We’re gonna talk to you about the three secrets to making seven figures online.

We were recently on a Zoom call discussing what it is that people truly need to build a seven figure business, not one that makes 'em a little bit of money and then falls apart.

The reality is that most people that are building an online business, fail. The stats actually show that 95% of people are gonna fail. That's according to the The US Small Business Administration. 50% will fail in the very first year, and 95% are gonna fail within the first five years.

Even the marketers that do succeed at making a little bit of money… they don't last long term. Here's the reason why…

You fall into the internet marketing black hole. It's the process of buying a new product and struggling to make it work. You give up and you're forced to start all over again, over and over and over again.

You get distracted by shiny objects. You get stuck, you lose your motivation. Maybe you give it one or two weeks, but then… You're back to buying a new product. You're giving up, you're starting again.

You’re falling over and over again into this big black hole.

Most beginners are taught to do affiliate marketing because it seems to be the easiest thing, but they get caught in a catch 22.

When you're doing affiliate marketing, YOU are the person that's putting in all the effort. Picture yourself as the affiliate on the left and me as the vendor on the right.

I've got this product called Simple Traffic Solutions and you as the affiliate send me traffic. In exchange, I send you money in the form of commissions. You get paid for a hundred percent of your own efforts, right?

But here's the thing, I've got a bunch of other affiliates just like you!

So the person on the right side of this diagram is actually making money, not just from sales that YOU are sending, but sales from all the other affiliates as well. Do you see the problem here?

As an affiliate, you can only make money from your personal efforts. But as the vendor on the right you can make money off of many peoples efforts!

So when you consider that, what seems easier now? Where do you make more money?

Its obviously easier and more profitable to be the vendor in this scenario. As the affiliate on the left you're competing with tens of thousands of other affiliates that are promoting our products.

Wouldn’t you want to be the vendor who cashes in on all that traffic while OTHER people do the work?

If you wanna generate seven figures per year online, you simply must be selling your own products.

And the way that we sell products is in a sales funnel.

Digital products can be made from so many different ways. The most profitable and scalable online business model that you could be in is…

Creating your own digital products!

Because once you create it, you can use it as an asset that makes you money over and over and over and over and over again.

It's digital. That one product, that one digital file that you made can be sold over and over and over and over again for years.

People can be buying it and downloading it in the middle of the night while you're sleeping. A recession proof business can be made with digital products.

You can be making five and six figure pay days, and you're gonna have a lot of time freedom because once you set it up it operates on its own.

And by the way there's virtually no upfront cost for this. The majority of the stuff required to actually make your own digital product is free.

Now, the biggest mistake that you can make right now when I'm talking about digital products is thinking”

“No, no, no, I can never do that. I just don't know enough about anything to create a product.”


“No, no, no, I don't have the right credentials. I'm just not an expert at anything.”


You can actually create digital products in a matter of hours or maybe just a couple of days, because all you need to do is little bit of research, rewording and packaging up the information in a way that's gonna be benefit others.

You can create products that form a funnel and that brings us to the second secret.

The big money and the security comes from the BACK END of your funnel. 

You see the product that you create, that's just the "front end" part of this process.

The true purpose of the front end product is to introduce your prospect into a back end offer.

This is a very, very simple funnel diagram:

The front end is the digital product that you create. It could be an ebook, it could be a video course, it could be an audio course, it could be graphics. It could be anything that can be downloaded.

It could even a software plugin or something like that where you hire a programmer to build it for you.

Anything that can be downloaded digitally and delivered through an email or with a download link can be a front end.

What we really want to do in a funnel is take that front end buyer, and show them another product like it, something similar or congruent with their first purchas. That's called an upsell.

We want to walk the customer through a series of purchase decisions

You can even have two upsells at a higher price. You can have down sells for a lower price as well. This can get as complicated as you want to make it, but I just wanted to illustrate the basic process.

When they buy a front end product, they're shown the upsell, that could be a more expanded version of that front end product.

So maybe the front end product is an ebook about dog training, then the upsell could be the video course about dog training.

Maybe the second upsell could actually be a one-on-one dog training consultation. Every product in the funnel goes hand in hand and eventually, once they're done buying their last product, they're taken to the download page to access everything.

But here's the thing, the way you truly make money with this process and create long term wealth is by adding every single person that bought that front end product, to a “backend webinar.”

They get added to a webinar platform which schedules them to watch a sales presentation a day or two after they’ve gone through the funnel. This is where you pitch them on what we call a HIGH TICKET backend product.

That's something that sells for a few hundred dollars, for $1000 or even for $2,000. And that part right there, the backend, that's where the real money is made.

That's where the long term security is made.
That's where the time freedom comes from.
That is where the life changing internet marketing online income comes from.


Unfortunately, too many people just do the font end funnel and they never add the back end because they think, it’s too confusing or it’s too hard.

They say things like…

“There's no possible way that I'm ever gonna be able to create a product that's worth a thousand dollars.”


“Nobody would ever pay me a thousand dollars.”

But here’s the thing… you are very, very wrong if you think that way because not only can anyone do it… but its simple.

Now, let's talk about a loss leader because this will put everything we’ve been talking about on STEROIDS.

So picture your funnel like this…

The idea of a funnel, as I said, is really to get them all into a backend product, right? So customers is what you need. But how do you get customers through the funnel?

Well… if you wat traffic you would have to pay for some sort of advertising, you would have to run for ads. You're either paying for ads to get traffic instantly, or you're gonna try to drive the traffic yourself for free, which takes a lot of time.

If you go the ad route you’ll need a big budget for PPC advertising. And the problem with having a budget for advertising is that you never know how much it's gonna cost you.

You can't just run one ad, you’ve gotta run TWELVE. And then after you dump a bunch of money into those twelve you’ve got to split test and scale the one which is performing the best. Now you dump the 11 that weren't working and create 11 more to test against.

This process goes on and on until eventually you arrive at a winning formula for your advertising or you go broke. Most people run out of money testing ads long before they find a winner.

Of course you could go the old school route for free with SEO, backlinking and that kind of stuff, it just takes a lot of time. And you’re lucky if you make one sale this month.

So you’re gonna need a lot of time or a lot of money. But what if you don't have a big budget for ads? What if you don't have a lot of time to wait for free traffic?

The answer is… 


You can pay affiliates to send you traffic, but hear me out… 

Yes, you're still gonna pay for the traffic, but the way that you pay affiliates is with commissions. They get paid a percentage of the money they generate in sales.

Affiliate marketing is performance based so they only get paid if they make sales and you don’t have to lay out any money up front!

You're gonna give them 50% commission. BUT… (yeah there’s gotta be a catch) here's the problem with that… Everybody gives affiliates 50%.

So now the affiliates have to decide WHO’s product should they promote and yours gets lost in an ocean of marketplaces so HOW DO YOU STAND OUT?

Give them all the money. Just hear me out... 

What if you give 'em all the money in the form of a loss leader?

Think about that. All the money or the majority of the money, from the funnel gotes to the affiliate.

Let's say you're gonna make $10,000 from your sales funnel. What if you give the affiliate 8,000 of that? Now you might be saying…

“Well that sucks. Give away 80% of my profit? Why would I want to do that?”

Well, the reason is that it the high commissions will attract more affiliates and entice them to keep sending you customers! Customers that you are putting into a high ticket backend webinar where you're gonna make $1,000 per sale or two thousand dollars per sale. That's why.

You could either try to come up with a whole bunch of capital to invest in paid traffic and hope that that, that you figure out the paid traffic game before you run out of money…


You can pay affiliates to send you targeted traffic by giving them a hundred percent of the money from they produce in your funnel. That's called a loss leader.

They keep sending you traffic because you're continuing to give them money. And that is what loads up that high ticket backend webinar with customers.

Now you’re saying.. “Oh my goodness, I don't have a high ticket backend product!”

No problem. Who said it had to be yours?

You can promote that backend webinar as an affiliate. So for the $2,000 sale, you make a thousand dollars and it's not even your product.

You make a high ticket commission everytime a sale is made by somebody else (another vendor) to a buyer that you got from somebody else (your affiliates), you're making a thousand dollars.

Read that again if you have to.

That's the genius of a loss leader. 

Somebody else sends you the prospect, somebody else sells the customer a high ticket item, and you're making a thousand dollars or more every time that that happens.

When you do this, YOU are actually creating long term money for yourself. The back end is the key.

Here's an example of a funnel that we did. It made $83,000 in sales. Yes, $83,000 in a week. You're sating…

“Oh my goodness. Wow, that's amazing. That's, that's great. That's like more money than I make in a year.”

Yeah, but you know what? That is just the tip of the iceberg. That's not even what you're really, really able to make when you have a back end.

The front end funnel itself just makes a little bit of money. In this particular example, we didn't even keep that whole $83,000. We gave $57,000 of it to the affiliates.

We did that by giving them 100% commission on the front end product and 50% commission on upsells.

But because we put the buyers they sent us into a backend webinar, we made an EXTRA $134,000. Now, in reality the webinar made $300,000 gross, but it wasn't OUR webinar.

We were the affiliate for that webinar. 

So we only got to keep half which came out to $134k after fees and expenses.

Bottom line… when we add the 26,000 that we got to keep from the front end funnel with the 134,000 that we got to keep from the back end webinar, that's $160,000 in total that we made!

If we didn't have a back end and we hadn't made this a loss leader, we would only have made $83,000.

So we removed the issue of “traffic” AND made double the money by adding a backend webinar and giving away most of the front end funnel profits.

Here’s the lesson…

When you focus on making affiliates rich, you're never gonna have to worry about traffic.

Affiliates are always gonna send you traffic because you're paying them so well, and that's great because what you want is the customers from the affiliate. You're basically buying the customers from them to put it into a big backend. That is the secret. That's the way it all works.

That's the way we make millions. T

hat's the difference between somebody who makes a little bit of money online, and gets caught in a feast or famine cycle constantly launching things... opposed to the person you only see launching things once in a while and makes tons and tons of money because they have a high ticket backend in place.

Here's secrets number three: 

Nothing is gonna matter without traffic.

There are three ways to get traffic. You can buy it, you can borrow it, or you can create it. We already talked about how expensive and risky it is to buy it so… here’s how you borrow it and create it…

If you wanna get traffic from affiliates it starts with having a JV page for them to sign up. 
You first have to get on their radar by providing value.
You've gotta do things like go to live events, get in front of 'em, introduce yourself and shake their hands. You’ve got to find ways to connect with them and pitch them on promoting your offer.
You’ve gotta join all the different Facebook groups and Skype groups that they're in and actually become friends with them.
Another good source of affiliate traffic is… your coaches. That person coaching you can become a source of traffic for you because you can ask them to promote your product once you're done creating it.
Another way you can create traffic is to originate it yourself by building your own audience. This is done with CONTENT.
By posing content on social media you’ll attract people into your groupor groups. I like to call them “digital stadiums” because It doesn't necessarily have to be a Facebook group.
I know everybody thinks Facebook when I say social media, but there's a lot of social media sites out there. YouTube for example, is also social media site. They can subscribe to your channel. So thats another type of digital stadium.

If I subscribe to your channel when you put a video, the subscribers get notified. Next you can capture their emails and get them on to a subscriber list where you can nurture them.

You get them to know, like, and trust you with emails and that's eventually how you market to them as well.

Now look, I know we’re moving fast here. I know there's a lot of new information for you to process and you're probably feeling like you're drinking from a fire hose, right now.

I just introduced this whole concept of digital product creation, sales funnels, backend high ticket webinars, loss leaders and traffic.

You're probably saying… “Oh my goodness, what is all this?”

Look I don't want you to freak out.

It's just three things to remember.

You need your own product and funnel, right? That's, that's one thing right there.
Then you, you're gonna need a backend offer to sell to those customers and…
You're gonna need traffic.

You need those three things. Product funnel. Backend offer. Traffic.

Now, I don't want you to freak out about it because we can actually solve these problems for you.
YES.. We can solve ALL three of these problems for you.

John and Omar can solve the product and funnel problem for you.
John and Omar can solve the high ticket back end product for you. And…
John and Omar can definitely solve the traffic problem for you.

Just imagine for a second that you had your own funnel and that you were able to create that with John Thornhill. John Thornhill, the same guy that that showed Omar and Melinda Martin this process. The process that we've turned into a multimillion dollar business.

What if John locked arms with you and helped you create your own product? I mean actually get on Zoom with you, do calls with you, show you how to actually do it all.

John would help you create your funnel and what if Omar personally helped you with the back end? You can actually have your own back end product or promote somebody else's back end.

We can give you the entire process on a silver platter, the exact system that's working for us. The exact process that's made us millions of dollars. Not just the system, not just a bunch of training videos to watch...

What if we actually gave you your own high ticket profit product that you could sell for $249, $497, $997 whatever you wanna sell it for.

You could sell your own high ticket product that we've given you with the instructions and the automation that we've shown you, and you could put that on the back end of a product that John created with you.

Imagine how much money you will make and the life you could create for yourself if we made this possible for you.

And what if John and Omar actually sent you the traffic?

What if we sent you OUR customers, OUR buyers? What if we actually invited our affiliates to promote for you too?

Remember all those affiliates that we mentioned before? What if we both recommended your offer to our affiliates?

Here its is...

We've put together this package called the Seven Figure Success Kit, and it provides exactly what we’ve talking abou here.

It combines John's Partnership to Success program. (The same coaching program that Omar Martin graduated from and went on to become John's most successful student.)

Side note... Omar and his wife Melinda took what John taught as far as product creation and built an entire business out of it. They've had dozens of six figure product launches.

Omar is the PROOF that John's Partnership to Success works. 

Now we (Omar and John) have teamed up to bring you the Seven Figure Success Kit because it combines Partnership to success with the High Ticket Prophet Academy. 

This is everything you need to have that product and funnel as well as that high ticket back end.

And then WE are gonna team up and mail all of our subscribers to your offer! 

We’ll promote your product so our customers can be put into your backend webinar, whether it's your own webinar that you create using the High Ticket Profit Academy training or whether you use the one that we provide for you.

Because… of course, we provide everything.

We're not just giving you the the product, we're giving you the funnel, we're giving you the webinar, this slides the script, everything you need.

And Omar is even gonna get on a Zoom call with you personally to customize your webinar. Omar's gonna do the intro for you. This is something that's never been offered before by anybody and we have combined our resources to give you the Win-Win-Win package.

You're getting all three of the things that you absolutely need.

You're getting all three of the things you absolutely need.

Partnership to Success includes:

An eight week crash course that's worth $1,995. It's got all the videos in it step by step.
The other thing it's got is a private label product vault. You can go into this vault and pull out products that you have the rights to change, modify, and literally become an instant author with these products.
You get 12 months of one-on-one coaching. This is awesome because you can literally schedule a call with John anytime you want throughout the 12 months and he's gonna get on this Zoom call and help you with whatever you've got going on in your business.
You get a three day promotion to John Thornhills mailing list. Thats your product potentially infront of 200k eyeballs.
John's also gonna send an announcement about your product launch to his 6,000 affiliates. Now, we can't guarantee that all of them will sign up to promote, but all it takes is one ore two two super affiliates that have a decent size list to sign up and promote your thing.
Not only are John and Omar sending you traffic, but you get our affiliates sending you to traffic too!
You've also got a private mastermind community. This is amazing. John's got a private Facebook group that is super, super active. I love this group. We're in there all the time helping people.
And you get to be part of these monthly calls called “What's Working Now,” where you can get on there and learn what they're doing right now in their business.
Plus John has also negotiated a 12 month membership for you, to JV Notify Pro. This is this calendar site that announces your product launch to hundreds of thousands of affiliates! 

It gets even better with the
High Ticket Prophet Academy
package that you're getting from
Omar and Melinda Martin. 

High Ticket Prophet Academy includes:

You get the high ticket profit system itself. This is a video series over five videos where we teach you every part of it from the product, the automation, the webinar, the funnel, the whole thing. We show you exactly how that backend piece works.
We actually give you your own high ticket product, which gives you a license to resell it, to change it. You've got the PLR rights to actually modify this high ticket product. We give you everything, We give you all the source documents, the videos, the slides, the content, the recordings, EVERYTHING! And you can use it to sell as a high ticket product for $297, $497, $997, whatever you want.
Then you've got your own high ticket evergreen webinar funnel. The the landing page, the webinar recording, the sales pitch slides. You even have a generic webinar in there that you can modify as you wish. You're getting everything that you need to create your own high ticket webinar funnel.
Then Omar does a strategy session with you on Zoom. Hw will work with you personally customize your webinar for your backend offer. Omar will even record the introduction for you!
Then you get an "unlimited traffic" package. we call it unlimited cause there's a couple extra things that we're doing for you. Omar & Melinda will mail their 78k+ subscribers and their 8k+ affiliates as well. PLUS you are also getting "Loss Leader Secrets" a method for you to create your own perpetual loss leader traffic.

This is a very powerful combination between Partnership to Success and High Ticket Profit Academy. If you were to add up the value of all those things comes up to $33,046.00.

Ober $33k worth of traffic, funnel building, training, coaching, strategy, and backend training for only $995 bucks.

This is the kind of thing that we wish would've been available when we were starting out because it would've saved us both the time and trouble of having to figure it all out.

Bwecause remember... We're not just floating theories here. We're actually teaching you what works, what has worked for us and what is currently working for our students.

These exact steps for creating products that John is teaching you are exact things that Omar and Melinda have done to the tune of millions of dollars. And…

These High Ticket ProphetAcademy training videos with all the material that you're getting inside is actually stuff that we've used ourselves personally to make millions of dollars.

You can actually get all of this $33,046.00 worth of stuff right now for this special package price of only only $995 bucks.

You can only get this at RapidProfits.Online/yes (if it is still open) because this is a limited time offer.

We intend to create an evergreen sales offer for this at $1997. Because look, if you were to join just partnership alone, it would cost you $2k right now. That's what partnership costs to join.

AND... If you were to join High Ticket Profit Academy, it would cost you $697. That's just what it costs. 

This is a combined retail value of $2,697 but you’re getting it here for only $995.

Its steal.

And by the way, if you're already a member of partnership and you want to snap up this offer John's gonna throw in an extra 12 months of coaching!

And by the way if you've already got High Ticket Profit Academy and you wanna jump on board this we're gonna throw in two additional high ticket products for you that you can sell as your own.

We really hope this is still open at the time you’re reading this.

Here's what you need to do next. Go over to RapidProfits.Online/yes, just click that link or open up a new tab in your browser, type it in.

When, you get to the payment page, you're gonna see an order form on it. There's a bullet list that outlines every single thing that you're getting with the Seven Figure Success Kit.

Beneath it, just enter in your preferred payment method. You can choose to pay with credit card or pay with PayPal then just click that button to order.

If you have any issue whatsoever with your payment or any questions at all… If you need any kind of help, you can just contact us at

We want to say thank you for reading all of this and we look forward to seeing you inside of our members area very, very soon.

John Thornhill

John Thornhill
Planet SMS Ltd.

Omar Martin

Omar Martin
Higher LevelStrategies, Inc.

P.S.  Please accept our apology if the order page says the offer is already closed by the time you are reading this page. We will be opening it back up at the full price of $1997 so please keep checking back.

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